Kate Middleton does not influence sales figures, Says Whistles CEO

When the Duchess of Cambridge wears a particular brand, that item immediately sells out. But according to Jane Shepherdson, Whistles CEO thinks that Kate Middleton has little effect on sales.

Whistles markets medium priced apparels in England. The news follows when Kate wore a blue and purple dress, made by the retailer, to the London Olympics. Even though the dress sold out fast, Shepherdson still believes the dresses popularity has little to do with Kate and the brand overall.

This is what Shepherdson told The Business of Fashion:
as Kate wore a blouse in the royal engagement photos which was actually from a few seasons ago, which we weren’t running. So in that instance, it raised profile certainly, but it didn’t do anything for sales. We had a lot more people visiting our website.

She continued, I suppose the biggest impact has been on a dress she wore at the [Olympic] Opening Ceremony. It’s a style that’s been very successful for us anyway a printed silk dress. That weekend, we sold out of it. Well, of what we had.

It raises profile, it’s great, we get known in countries were not known in. But it’s not going to turn us into a success overnight because she wears it. Fortunately, she looks great in it and it’s a great advert, but no more than that, she added.

If brands believe what Jane Shepherdson said, then eventually she should stop queuing up to dress the Duchess. However, brands like Alexander McQueen said they have achieved double digit growth, thanks to the Kate Middleton effect.

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