Wedding Confirmation Faxed Out by Kate Middleton and Prince William

In case you have been living under a rock, you’d have known that there’s a royal wedding coming up on April 29 between Kate Middleton and Prince William. According to reports, Buckingham Palace has sent out official invitations to members of the local royal families as well as abroad. Word on the street has it that the two did the chore themselves. But the job isn’t done yet, as the guest list isn’t completed yet. 

Prince William and bride-to-be Kate Middleton – as well as the royal staff — are still giving the finishing touches for the list of guests. Those who have been officially invited include the royal families from Denmark, Greece and Spain. Also on the guest list is Prince Alexander and Princess Katherine – who hail from Serbia. Showing their delight in receiving the invitation the two posted it on their official website. 

But we know somebody who isn’t on the guest list. Apparently Sir Elton John has been snubbed from attending the royal wedding, as the singer said so himself.

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