Topless Pictures of Kate Middleton Pulled Down

The topless images of Kate Middleton have been pulled down from the French magazine, Closer.

On Tuesday, Prince William and Kate Middleton filed criminal charges against the magazine in a French court for publishing the topless pictures of the Duchess and the court ruled in favor of them. The photos were taken when Prince William and Kate Middleton were on a vacation at a chateau in Provence, France.

The court ordered Closer magazine not the run the offensive images anymore and also asked to handover all the digital copies of the photographs. The court also has undertaken a criminal investigation whether the magazine as well the photographer who snapped the pictures should be charged for violation of privacy.

In a released statement, a spokeswoman of St. James Palace has said the Duke and the Duchess has welcomed the ruling.

Closer, who took down the photos on Friday has supposedly has 24 hours to hand over the pictures and can face a fine of up to $10,400 if it violates the ban.
Meanwhile, Mike O’Kane, Irish Daily Star’s editor which also published the photos was suspended as per the BBC.

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