Topless Kate Middleton: Swedish Gossip Magazine Publishes Photos

A Swedish celebrity magazine, ‘Se och Hor’ published the topless photos of Kate Middleton and its Danish equivalent “Se og Hor” will publish them on Thursday.

The photographs were published despite a ruling by a French court on Tuesday banning the Closer, magazine which at first published the photos to stop publishing the pictures any further and handing the digital copies to the Prince William and Kate Middleton. The injunction also prevents the magazine to sell the pictures to other media too.

But Carina Lofkvist insisted that her magazine ‘Se och Hor’ bought the photos on Friday and published 11 of them of which four of them were topless.
She told Reuters, that the pictures were in no way obscene and the magazine published similar images of other celebrities in the past.

The pictures were snapped when the royal couple was on a vacation in a chateau in France, which shows the Duchess taking off her bikini top, relaxing in the sun and later taking down the back of her bikini bottoms. Buckingham Palace said the publication of the photos were a “grotesque” violation of the royals privacy.

Meanwhile, “Se og Hor”, the Danish edition of Lofkvist’s magazine will publish the photos on Thursday.
Kim Henningsen, editor-in-chief said the magazine will always entertain and satisfy the curiosity of its readers.
However, none of the Swedish or the Danish magazines will publish the pictures online.

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