The Royals are Turning into the Olympic Spirit

Kate Middleton joined Prince William and Harry for the Coach Core – A new sports idea aimed at barren youths in London at Bacon’s College on Thursday. Wearing a Hobbs’ “Wessex” frock and Pied-a-Terre wedges, Duchess, 30, looked sporty yet stylish as she joined in the school’s sports match just one day earlier than the beginning ceremony of the Summer Olympics.

Avid rugby and polo player Prince William, 30, and Harry, 27, passed time in the soccer field before bushing the basketball court with a few learners. In the meantime, Middleton challenged players to a casual match of ping pong and achieved a few points. Middleton and her company are scheduled to appear at a together 25 Olympic events all over the games. They will be in presence for tennis, field hockey, sailing, equestrian events, and beach volleyball, among other games.

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