The Duchess’ White Grace at Team GB’s 2012 Olympic Field Hockey

Kate Middleton cheered on Team GB in their memorable Field Hockey event of 2012 Olympic opposed to New Zealand. While doing this, she was without her husband Prince William but she looked the role of Duchess of Cambridge by dressing all white. Her upper part was a collared polo sleeveless top with a logo in which was written “Our Greatest Team” indicating Team GB.

Coupled with a white coloured tennis skirt, Kate sat and encouraged her country’s effort to play for gold. While Britain could not succeed in progressing, the woman won the bronze for the first instant in twenty years.

Kate’s attire was completed with a couple of closed toe black coloured cork shoes. Fans can remember these wedges had been seen previously in the week of 2012 Olympic games as Kate likes to repeat her favoured fashion objects.

In archetypal Kate Middleton style, she was well assembled a looked sporty but glamorous in her all white outfit.

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