The Duchess Olympic Wedge Style is Golden

The blue leather Stuart Weitzman wedges has decorated the soles of the Duchess not once or twice, but on five different occasions at the time of London Games. And judging anything Kate sports becomes fashion gold, it’s no wondering these wedges has flown to the shelves in the meantime.

Kate wore the blue leather shoes at several Olympic events, previous week, covering the torch entrance ceremony at Buckingham Palace and on Friday while cheering on women’s swimming of Team GB.

Amid the equestrian match July 31, Kate Middleton paired the shoes with basic blue skin tight jeans, a plain blue blazer and a sweater. On Friday, Kate donned the wedges with a polka-dot shirt, dark jeans and a vibrant red blazer, expressing her Britannic spirit.

The Duchess has never been startled about repeating her fashion; the fashionable gal is frequently spotted wearing the same outfit on different occasion.

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