The Duchess of Cambridge is the Queen of Her Kitchen

Kate Middleton seems to be a homely goddess as well as a fashion icon and a responsible Royal, after it was disclosed that the Princess doesn’t love anything more than cooking.

According to news, the fair lady Kate, 30, succeeds on caring for her husband, Prince William and thoroughly enjoys whisking up a culinary treat for William.

A source reported Vanity Fair that Duchess Kate’s dream evening is a tranquil night in with her Prince,  William. The insiderer added that Catherine was on the King’s Road brief ago bearing chicken in shopping bag that was taking for William’s supper. That’s the couple’s plan of the ideal night.

In their first anniversary in April, the Duchess made a home-cooked food of fish en papillote. She is also revealed to have served William a self-made breakfast in bed as a special gift to mark his 30th in June.

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