The Duchess Became A Sheer Victim of Photoshop

People got surprised when they found Kate Middleton in the cover page of ‘Marie Claire’ in a South African get up. That fact now found out that it was not the pose of the Duchess, but an excellent work of photoshop.

The art department of the regarding magazine swiped Duchess’s head and hands and smeared it into a model’s body. And ‘Marie Claire’ don’t feel any shame about their false doings, rather they underlined it as a compliment.

Aspasia Karras, the editor of the concern magazine, tells ‘The Telegraph’ that they were very much inspired by the Duchess’s gorgeous marriage and her living style like a stylish princess. That’s why they selected the Duchess as the cover celebrity for their August issue. Regarding the fabricated cover, they said that the picture was in fact a hyper real image of the Duchess, that means an admirer’s commendation to fashions new Royal icon.

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