Sandi Toksvig Compares Kate Middleton’s Character With “Jane Austen”

Kate middleton sandi toksvigIt appears that Kate Middleton isn’t done with criticisms.

Now, Sandi Toksvig, a BBC Radio presenter has compared the duchess character with that of high class women of the18th century, who were only known because of the identity of their husbands as portrayed in the English author Jane Austen’s novels.

Toksvig, 54, told The Observer newspaper that Kate isn’t enough for her. She explained people have come a long way since the days when we used to admire women who made their lives on marriage and having children. She also said Kate doesn’t seem to hold a single opinion, which is very similar to Jane Austen.

Kate, 31, is pregnant with her first child with Prince William.

Toksvig’s comments follows after a much criticized comments made by Hilary Mantel, where she described Kate as a “machine-made princess”, whose only purpose and point in life is to give birth. The two-time Booker prize winning author, however, defended her comments by saying the media has taken her words out of context.

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