Roberto Cavalli Thinks Kate Middleton Could Look Bolder, Sexy

roberto cavalli kate middletonJust because Kate Middleton isn’t making into the “sexiest women” lists, doesn’t mean that the people won’t be talking about her sex appeal.

And fashion designer Roberto Cavalli is one of them. Recently he chatted with Voque UK this week at his collection launch in Harrods in London and said that he can help the soon mom-to-be Duchess of Cambridge could take some fashion tips from him.

Roberto Cavalli, known for his high-impact slits and raunchy cutouts said that a Princess (he didn’t know that Kate is a Duchess) should look sexy, bold and beautiful. The 72-year-old Italian said that he could create something unique for her, nothing too bold, but s sophisticated and sexy. He just wanted to show everyone that he can dress up a Princess.

Kate, 31, who is married to Prince William, is now preparing herself for the birth of her first child and is due July 13. She is also expected to take maternity leave on June 13 and her last royal engagement will be on the same day where she is expected to christen a new cruise ship, Royal Princess in Southampton.

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  1. The Duchess is beautiful. She’s look beautiful in a hopsack. I’m sure her husband thinks she is very sexy. I think his opinion is the only one that matters. She selects clothes that are classy, accentuate her physical assets and which fit the position she is in as the future Queen of England. The current Queen is quite dowdy in her clothing choices and always has been. Diana was fashion forward but I never thought of her as sexy either. Kate dresses to her own taste. She is more beautiful than even Princess Diana. What I appreciate about her is she is her own person.

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