Reports say Kate Middleton’s personal habits leaked by disloyal and low paid palace servant

According to report in The Daily on Monday, Kate Middleton’s topless photos which triggered a worldwide sensation on the internet last month might have been caused by under paid palace staffers.

Now, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge are now looking for the disloyal servants who wanted to make some extra money by giving out personal details and habits as well as the holiday locations to the magazines and tabloids and the photographers who are willing to break all former protocols to get their photos taken for money.

Richard Mineards, a royal watcher said, “These days, armed with mega lenses that can catch a flea on a chihauhua’s tail from two miles away, nothing is sacrosanct”.

As the uncensored topless pictures of Kate Middleton became public, investigation reveals that some staff members of the privately owned French chateau may be responsible. Kate Middleton and Prince William were on short vacation at the French Chateau located in the south of France before they embarked on a nine day tour marking the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

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