Reports: A British photographer hired by France’s “Closer” magazine took Kate Middleton’s topless pictures

According to Showbiz Spy an Englishman was responsible for taking the topless photos of Kate Middleton, which the French magazine “Closer” hired him to take them.

It was revealed the magazine hired the photographer to set up a camp to take the photos near the French chateau where Prince William and Kate Middleton were staying.

It was also found that the British photographer responsible for the photos happens to be living in the south of France, said French paparazzo, Pascal Rostain.

Rotain told Showbiz Spy that, these topless photos of the Duchess which has shaken the whole royal family and set off lawsuits against the magazines that publish them came at a very low expense. Closer asked the photographer to sit there for many days to snap them. But he wasn’t paid that much. In fact he could earn as much as 10,000 Euros if he sold them to the open market. Instead he was just paid for taking them.
However, Rotain added that it’s not the photographer’s problem whether to publish the photos or not, it’s the editors.

It’s known that the unnamed photographer has a lot topless photos of Kate Middleton. Kim Henningsen, the editor-in-chief of Se & Hoer said the magazine chose around 60-70 images it was offered out of 240, but Kim won’t tell the photographer’s name or the amount of money he paid.

Meanwhile, ABC News reported that Kate’s photographer identity has turned into a hot search task in UK and France. The person who is currently billed as “Le Rat” in the tabloids if found could be fined $60,000 and spend up to a year in jail under French law.

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