Queen Elizabeth Wants Kate Middleton To Give Birth Before Her Holiday

kate middletonApparently, Queen Elizabeth can’t wait for the royal baby as she wants Kate Middleton to give birth before she goes on her annual summer holiday at her Balmoral estate in Scotland.

The 87-year-old feisty Queen said on Wednesday, (July 17) to a group of children when asked by them that she would very much like it arrive as she’s going on holiday.

Meanwhile, the so-called July 13 due date of Kate and Prince William’s first child has passed and from this we can easily assume that this isn’t the actual due date. Reports now say the 31-year-old duchess is expected to give birth any time now with reports saying it probably will be on July 23.

We can understand that as the Palace while announcing Kate’s pregnancy said that the royal baby is expected to be born in July, the Palace didn’t set any specific date.

In addition, Kate will give birth at same luxury room at St. Mary Hospital in London, where the late Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William.

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