Queen Elizabeth II presents Prince William and Kate Middleton with a $10 million mansion, as a gesture of “peace”

prince william and kate middletonThere have been reports last week that Prince William and Kate Middleton is getting a $10 million house before the birth of their first child, but there have been claims that the Queen Elizabeth II herself is giving it to the couple as a “peace offer”

The Life & Style Magazine citing a royal insider reported that the Queen has gifted Prince William and Kate the Anmer Hall Estate in a bid to ease the tension between the Duchess and herself. The insider said there’s been increased strain between the two royals and giving away the Anmer Hall is obviously a “peace offering”.

However, even if the Queen believes that this generous offer will increase influence over them and they will be staying nearby, insiders say that won’t happen.

An insider says, Kate and Prince William have a lot of respect for the Queen, but Prince William is determined that they wanted to remain independent as they can and do things in their way.

Yvonne Yorke, a royal expert said to Life & Style Magazine, Kate and Prince William went to the they went when they were dating and they love it there as it’s quiet, normal and far away from the public eyes.

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