Prince William Likely To Be Present During Kate Middleton’s Delivery

kate middleton prince williamPrince William and Kate Middleton are again going to break the royal tradition, as Prince William is expected to be present at the delivery room with Kate Middleton to witness the birth of his first son or daughter in summer.

Kate and Prince William have flouted all royal traditions all the way along throughout their marriage and Kate’s pregnancy, as the royal couple is trying to prove that they want to set up their own parenting plans.

A royal source told NOW magazine that unlike past royal deliveries, Prince William won’t be waiting patiently at his Kensington Palace. The insider also revealed that recently this has become more common with other member of the royal family too. For instance, Peter Phillips was present during the birth of his two girls, Savannah and Isla.

Kate and Prince William, whose first child is due in July 13, also broke another royal tradition by hiring a part-time nanny to take care of the baby, instead of appointing a full-time nanny. To help Kate with the upbringing of their baby boy or girl, Prince William is also expected to leave his job at the RAF, where he currently works as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot.

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