Prince William, Kate Middleton & Prince Harry Elected As Patrons for the 100 Women in Hedge Funds Philanthropic Initiatives

Prince William Prince Harry Kate MiddletonPrince William, Kate Middleton and alongside Prince Harry have selected as patrons for 100 Women in Hedge Funds Philanthropic Initiatives.

The philanthropic organization was initiated to lend support to family health, education and mentoring charities.

The decision to partner with the royal trio with 100 Women in Hedge Funds looks logical as the organization has previously supported Prince William’s all three charities namely, Centrepoint (in 2010), the Child Bereavement Charity (in 2011) and Skill Force (in 2012).
The nonprofit institution in the coming three years intends to focus its philanthropic works on three new charities, each for one year, Action on Addiction for 2013, Well Child for 2014 and the Art Room for 2015.

This is a second joint patronage by Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry as the royal trio are patrons of their own charity, which they aptly branded Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

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