Prince William & Kate Middleton lands in Singapore

Prince William and Kate Middleton kicked off their tour of Southeast Asia and The Pacific when they touched down in Singapore on Tuesday marking the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The nine day tour will also include Malaysia, The Solomon Islands and Tuvalu which will feature ceremonial stops and Kate’s first overseas speech as she starts settling with her duties in the British Monarchy.

Prince William and Kate Middleton while in Singapore first visited the Botanical Gardens, their first, where an orchid will be named in honor of them.
Prince William, wearing a dark blue suit with a light blue tie and The Duchess was in a cream colored short sleeved, knee height dress toured the gardens and was given a specially bred orchid bouquet.

Poon Hong Yeun, National Parks CEO presented them the orchid Vanda William Catherine, named after them. Besides the couple also took a look Dendrobium Memoria Princess Diana, an orchid named after the Prince William’s late mother and Princess Diana, and the dendrobium Queen Elizabeth II.

Later they arrived at the Raffles Hotel, where over 100 people lined up in the driveway, taking pictures of them as they stepped out of the car and onto the red carpet. The Royals will later attend a state dinner at the presidential palace later on Wednesday.

Prince William and Kate who got married in April 2011, are expected to stay in Singapore until Thursday. They will then head to Malaysia’s Capital Kuala Lumpur and Sabah state of Borneo from 13-15 September.

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