Prince William & Kate Middleton File Criminal Charges Over Topless Photos in France

Apparently Prince William and Kate Middleton are putting their legal threats in action.

It’s been three days since the Duchess of Cambridge topless photos were published in a French tabloid, Closer and now Prince William and Kate have filed criminal complaints in a court in France against those responsible for violating their privacy as well as printing those pictures.

According to Britain’s Independent newspaper, charges include asking permission to prosecute the photographer who took the pictures. This could be tricky, as the royals didn’t mention anyone specific in their complaints filings, besides it’s not clear who was responsible for taking the photographs.

Meanwhile, a freelance photographer with the name Valerie Suau has admitted in taking the shots of the couple while they were holidaying in a private held chateau in Provence thought she claimed that she didn’t take any “explicit” images including those that were published last week.

Under the French law, those who are responsible of violating the privacy of Prince William and Kate, as well as the anonymous photographer and the Closer’s editor may face fines worth thousands of Euros and possibly a one year jail sentence.

As a matter of fact, Closer took down the Kate’s topless images from its website shortly on Friday after being sued.

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