Prince William Hurries Back To Kate Middleton After Playing Polo

kate middletonAfter fulfilling his duties as a royal, Prince William rushed back to his wife Kate Middleton in London, who will be give birth to their first child any time now, according to Us Weekly.

Prince William, 31, participated at the Kent & Curwen Royal Polo Cup match in Sydmonton, England on Saturday, July 13, even after he’s worried that Kate will be going into labor any moment.

The Duke of Cambridge was joined in by his brother Prince Harry for the polo match, which turned out to be an exciting match with Prince Harry’s team beating Prince William’s team by 4 goals to 3. With July 13 being Kate’s due date, Prince William left the game as soon as it ended, to be back with Kate at their Kensington Palace in London.

We can assume that Prince William is very stressful right now being away from Kate, knowing the fact the she will giving birth to their first child at any moment. However, being a royal, should the baby doesn’t come out on July 13, Prince William has to fulfill his commitment to play in another charity polo match for Centrepoint, WellChild, and Child Bereavement UK on July 14, in Gloucestershire, England.

Earlier, The Queen ordered to keep a helicopter on standby to fly Prince William from his Royal Air Force base in Wales, where he’s on duty as a search and rescue pilot for the RAF, to London, should his wife Kate goes into labor. Prince William will also get a 2-week paternity leave before resuming his duty at the RAF.

In addition, Kate will give birth to her first child at the same luxury suite at St. Mary Hospital in London, where the late Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William.

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