Prince George Coined The World’s Youngest Style Icon

Prince GeorgePrince George has just turned one, and already has been crowned as the “Youngest Style Icon In The World”.

We weren’t surprised by Prince George, given that he always looks so adorable, and is already following the footsteps of his mother, Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge has been crowned, “Best Dressed Royal” already, so it’s no wonder that the only son of Kate, 32, and Prince William, 31, has a new title to his resume.

George has always been well-dressed; his adorable sense of style has captured the minds of parents all over the world, and inspired a spike in sales of infant clothes. This July 22, Prince George has celebrated his first birthday.

Meanwhile, women worldwide have been captivated by Kate’s fashion sense over the past few years. In fact, anything that Kate wears, be it, a dress, a gown, shoes, a coat, or even a pair of jeans, it gets sold out both on online and in stores within minutes. Now, women aren’t only worrying to be impeccably dressed like Kate, they also want to dress their babies like Prince George, so that they look adorable like him!

A spokesperson for told that similar to the “Kate Effect”, with Kate, they are now witnessing the “George Effect”, for the last few months, where everything George is seen wearing is been sold out within hours.

Meanwhile, Prince George celebrated his first birthday on July 22, in London, England. His parents, Kate and Prince William hosted a party at their lavish and recently renovated apartment at Kensington Palace at 3pm. The event was attended by the Queen Elizabeth II, and included guests like his uncles James Middleton and Prince Harry, his aunt Pippa Middleton, William’s cousin Zara Phillips arrived with her husband, Mike Tindall and their baby daughter Mia Grace Tindall.

However, Prince Charles and his wife didn’t attend Prince George birthday party as the royals were in Scotland for their royal duties. Prince William’s grandfather Prince Philip was also unavailable at the event as he too had royal duties to attend to on Prince George’s birthday.

Regardless, Prince George was surrounded by his loved ones on his special day.

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