Pregnant Kate Middleton Urged To Breast-Feed By TV Presenter

kate middletonWe still don’t know whether pregnant Kate Middleton, who is due this July 14, will breast-feed the royal baby, but one British TV presenter has some pretty strong felling about it.

In an outspoken article published in The Telegraph, Beverley Turner urged the 31-year-old Duchess to breast-feed her first baby in an effort to inspire a whole new generation on new mothers to breast-feed their babies in England, where the number of breast-feeding mothers has dropped dramatically over the decade.

Beverley started by expressing her own fight with breast-feeding and said that there’s a stigma attached with the practice, which she hopes can be eliminated by Kate if she did it too.

In addition, Kate will deliver her first child in the same luxury suite at the St. Mary Hospital, where the late Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William. However, the gender of Kate and Prince William’s baby is still unknown.

It’s also been reported that her mother Carole Middleton and sister Pippa Middleton will also be present by her side while she gives birth. Her husband Prince William is also planning to arrive at the hospital via helicopter to be with his wife in case in goes into labor, while he’s on duty as a search and rescue pilot at the Royal Air Force.

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