Pippa Middleton Distressed over Karl Lagerfeld’s Remarks

Earlier of present month, it was disclosed that Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion designer was not stroking any fondness for the sister of the Duchess of Catherine. He said that he truly loves amorous beauties like Kate Middleton, but leave royal sister Pippa Middleton on burst.

Lagerfeld said that the Duchess has a beautiful silhouette and she is the right choice for Prince William. On the other hand, about Pippa he said she struggles and he doesn’t like her face and told Pippa to show only her back.

Since, we’ve acknowledged that Pippa is devastated and upset over Karl’s comments – but she is gripping the high road. A source expressed Pippa has always been assertive about her looks. But she didn’t want to reply and start a battle of words. Pippa’s friends have endeavored to make her sneer at it as Karl is scarcely a supermodel himself.

Pippa needs not have to concern about nasty old hags talking right about her when Karl is clearly unable to utter it to her face directly.

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