Pippa Middleton And Alex Loudon Are Trying to Stay Out Of Limelight

Pippa Middleton and Alex Loudon have publicly reconciled but now they are trying to stay out of limelight. It seems that Alex is a slight obsessive. According to a report of Express, the first reason of Pippa Middleton’s parting from Loudon is paparazzi. Alex Loudon became paranoid of the crowd of people to Pippa and her rear attracts.

Though he gave it another chance, but he is behaving quite peculiarly. For instance, he doesn’t park outside of Pippa’s flat in Chelsea because he fears that there are sometimes photographers outside. He also won’t go to stay with Pippa’s parents in Berkshire just because someone could see them together. Now it grows curiosity that will Pippa stay with Alex with his obsession or dump him; and what would be the suggestion of the Duchess to her sister regarding this relationship.

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