More Topless Photos of Kate Middleton Emerges, Italian Magazine Chi Plans to Publish 50 Topless Pictures of Kate

Seems like Kate Middleton topless ordeal is about to begin.

An Italian magazine, Chi has planned to print more than 50 topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge holidaying in France in a special edition of 26 pages on Monday. The gossip magazine also claimed that it has some 200 pictures of Kate sunbathing naked.

The news comes as Prince William is furious and decided to prosecute all those responsible for taking and publishing the topless pictures of his wife and wants them to be jailed.

But Alfonso Signorini, Chi’s editor in chief defiantly said that he would back down from publishing the photos, even if the Queen directly called him to do so. Besides, Mr. Signorini told he wasn’t worried about any legal actions in Italy as there was no invasion of privacy and the photos were taken in public place.

Meanwhile, putting aside the apparent strains, the Duke and the Duchess looked relaxed and were spotted hanging from a 130-foot tree in the rainforest of the Sabah state in Borneo on Saturday as they continued their Diamond Jubilee tour. The pair looked adorable in their helmets while trekking together when they posed for photographs.

Later, the royal couple flew to the remote Solomon Islands located in the South Pacific after their tour Malaysia and in Sabah state. They arrived in the capital Honiara where they were welcomed in a traditional ceremony with flower garlands and traditionally dressed warriors.

Governor-General Sir Frank Kabui, the Solomon Islands official representative of The Queen and his spouse Lady Grace Kabui and the Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo was present too.

Prince William and Kate then rode a vehicle shaped like a traditional canoe with canopy made with leaves, to St Barnabas Cathedral to attend a thanksgiving service for the Queen’s Jubilee.

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One comment

  1. Did the editor DEFIANTLY say he WOULD BACK DOWN. XD XD Seriously, you could edit the article and insert the word ‘NOT’ in the sentence.

    WOW! NO INVASION OF PRIVACY, taken in a public place? Okay that’s a 100% total LIE. The photos were taken from OVER A HALF MILE AWAY while the couple were on their private terrace at an exclusive hotel resort. HOW is that PUBLIC?

    That Pieau, the french editor hag and liar, plainly stated that she obtained the name of the hotel where the couple were staying, and hired a photographer to go take pictures; which is in CLEAR VIOLATION OF FRENCH LAW. She also claimed how EASY it was, that there was a street overlooking the terrace and ANYONE could have taken those pictures (trying to minimalize her own actions) even though CLEARLY they were taken from a great distance, very grainy and out of focus; and therefore she is a liar. Also, photography experts estimated the distance as over half a mile.

    The fact that she probably paid someone who works at the hotel for info on the location of the royal couple is DISTURBING. The telephoto lens could have just as easily been a sniper’s scope. That was reckless and in itself should be a prosecutable offense.

    If paying 10’s of thousands of dollars to stay at an exclusive private resort, over half a mile from the road, where nobody can even see you and would have to know EXACTLY which terrace was yours in order to get those photos = TAKEN IN PUBLIC, then I wish somebody would explain to me what PRIVATE means. Because I disagree with that assessment.

    That Italian editor also neglects mentioning that the law was broken in France when the photos were taken of people on a private terrace. The fact that he states they were taken in public, which is a lie, is telling. The EU has a history of deferring to the laws of other EU countries, even if there is no such law in their own country. But I’d be willing to bet Italy probably has some pretty tight privacy laws as well, otherwise why would he make that statement?

    Who are these greedy disgusting self righteous arrogant bastards? I absolutely hate everything about them, I hate their arrogance, and their outrageous sense of entitlement and self-righteousness in the face of their own moral bankruptcy. Absolutely disgusting.

    Laurence Pieau should be arrested, and that Italian editor should be punched in the throat and taken to court for fraud.

    The couple absolutely has a strong legal case against Laurence Pieau. I hope they destroy her.

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