Love Story between Kate Middleton and Prince William to be Filmed

They haven’t even tied the knot yet, but already the two will be involved in a movie project. That’s right, US TV network Lifetime has decided to bring the fairy tale story between Kate Middleton and Prince William to the small screen.

The producers of the movie said that the movie will chronicle the ups and downs of the couple’s 9-year relationship, which was often complicated by pressures from the royal family.

If you are wondering who will play the role of Prince William, an actor that goes by the name Nico Evers-Swindell has been chosen for the part. In addition, British actor Ben Cross is set to play William’s fater – Prince Charles. As for the role of Kate Middleton, the producers are still on the lookout.

If the movie shoot goes smoothly, the movie will be aired a week before the royal wedding is to take place. So don’t forget to mark your calendar folks!

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