Kate’s Marriage Gown Earns $10 Million for The Royals

Prince Charles, father-in-law of Kate Middleton may be footing the account for her wardrobe, but Kate also done a lot in earning her maintenance. After Kate dressed in Alexander McQueen gown designed by Sarah Burton in her wedding, the gown was exhibited for 73 days for the public. By a report of Royal finances, this exhibition caught 626,678 visitors and earned around $15.7 million by selling tickets. That neat sum comprises a very little of $54,440 that Prince Charles expend on Kate’s garments until June.

By the Duke and Duchess’s marriage, the Royal’s income has increased by $13.3 million by “Kate’s effect”. According to the finance report, more than 190,000 things of wedding linked goods were sold at a price of about £4 million. This is not surprising because same thing occurred to the accessories and clothes of the Duchess.

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