Kate to Appear on Harper’s Bazaar Cover

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge will appear on the upcoming cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. A source says that she is ready to get rid of her good girl image. The photographer is said to be Terry Richardson. He is known for his edgy work. This will be Kate’s first American magazine cover and thought it was the perfect magazine to do. She thought that magazines such as Vogue would be too obvious and too mainstream. It is reported that Terry is one of Kate’s favorite Hollywood photographers and that she picked Harper’s Bazaar due to her late mother in law since Princess Diana was on the cover of the magazine in 1997. It is speculated that if Kate does do the cover, it will be done in taste, as she has worked too hard to get to where she is today, nor would she want to create a scandal for the royal family. It is not reported why Kate wants to shed her good girl image, nor is it known if that is really true, which it is speculated that it is not really.

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