Kate Middleton’s topless pictures scandal can be an insider’s job

Publication of Kate Middleton’s topless photos just won’t stop with another European magazine ready to publish over 70 of them. As the pictures spread all several European publications, the police are suspecting that this can be a job of an insider. According to Sunday’s Daily News and Analysis, it’s presumed that someone likely a staff at the private French chateau where Prince William and Kate Middleton were spending their holidays has notified the photographer for taking the photos,

Se & Hoer, a Danish magazine has decided to publish a spread containing over 70 pictures of the Duchess topless. The magazine is publishing the photos as chief and the editor want to show the entertainment reader’s what the fuzz is about these photos, reported Hollywood Hills.

Meanwhile, police in Britain has begun investigations about these photos and they are interrogating the staffs that were working for Prince William and Kate while they were staying there. The chateau is owned by the Queen’s nephew and offered it for William and Kate for their Jubilee tour. However, their romantic escapade turned out to be a nightmare as a photographer took pictures of Kate basking in the sun without her top and the pictures eventually being published in tabloids and magazines across Europe.

The police are suspecting that an employee of the chateau may have tipped the photographer and pointed him the place where William and Kate will be by the pool. The photographer is said to be British residing in France. If arrested, the photographer can face a fine of £36,000 and up to a year in prison, reported Daily News and Analysis.

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