Kate Middleton’s topless pictures bolster tourist’s interest in the French chateau

Kate Middleton’s topless photo scandal has boosted interest in the French chateau, where Kate and Prince William have been photographed, as many rich tourists are frantic to spend their vacations there.

The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge were residing at the secluded privately owned French chateau d’Autet in the south of France, which is owned by David Linley, the son of Princess Margaret, when the scandalous topless photographs of Kate were taken when she was sunbathing last month.
However, David Linley has refused to cash in on the scandal.

A friend near to Mr. David Linley reported that he has been overwhelmed by request from affluent tourists expecting to stay in the 19th century estate since the pictures got published in magazines in early September.

According to a source, “Kate and William value him as a cousin and a friend and his refusals to capitalize on the publicity have been noted by the Royal Household. His currency is his silence.”

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