Kate Middleton’s Royal Birth To Be Announced Via Twitter

kate middleton baby bumpAccording to a new report, the news of birth of Kate Middleton’s first child will be announced on Twitter.

Traditionally, when it comes to royal births, a notice is used to be displayed on the outside of the Buckingham Palace, but in this age of internet and fast communications, it now appears that the royals are more willing to keep up with the times and announce the news on social networking site, Twitter, according to Now magazine.

The 31 year-old Duchess, who is married to Prince William, is expected to give birth in mid-July or on July 13, and there is no doubt that the social networking sites will be flooded with messages on the arrival of the royal baby.

Kate had an uncomfortable start to her pregnancy after she was diagnosed with severe morning sickness and had to be hospitalized in December, but now the ordeal is over and Kate has blossomed and looks glamorous and has more energy in her, even after she’s seven months pregnant.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the royal couple confirmed last month that Kate will be taking a break for sometime after the baby is born, however, Kate’s own choice when will she return back for her royal engagements.

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