Kate Middleton’s portrait artist defends critics

emsley_0201Paul Emsley, who painted Kate Middleton’s first ever portrait opened up for the painting claiming he has no regrets.

The 65-year-old Glasgow-born artist told the Washington Post that he wanted to do something that will express the Duchess’s true and natural self which she herself wanted. She wanted something that conveyed a sense of warmth.

Speaking of the negative comments he received from the critics over the last few weeks, Emlsey said, that’s critics job as they want to define the art to the public. He added that he won’t take their opinions seriously.

When asked about the experience working with Kate, Emsley said he found her to be remarkable and noted that she really does have genuine and spontaneous warmth. She makes you feel very relaxed and has interesting things to say, he added.

Kate Middleton’s portrait was officially unveiled on Friday, Jan 11 at London’s National Portrait Gallery.

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