Kate Middleton’s official portrait unveiled, receives mixed reactions

Even though, Kate Middleton likes her first ever official portrait, not all critics seem to agree.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s portrait was unveiled at London’s National Portrait Gallery on Friday, Jan 11. Shortly after the unveiling, critics started grousing about it.

The portrait done by Paul Emsley portrays the 31-year-old royal’s lips with an askew smile and heavenly light across her face and hair against a dark background. The fine lines beneath her eyes were brought out by her pale complexion with the light adding a hint of silver to her rich brown locks.

Charlotte Higgins, art writer of The Guardian said that Kate’s mouth were clenched, her eyes dead and the whole portrait has a sepulchral gloom all over it. Higgins wrote on the newspaper’s website, Kate Middleton is-Whatever you think of the monarchy and all its inane surrounding pomp, a pretty young woman with an infectious smile, a cascade of chestnut hair and a healthy bloom. So how it is that she has been transformed into something unpleasant from the ‘Twilight’ franchise.

Meanwhile, Emsley explained reporters during the opening that it’s always going to be hard to paint Kate saying, A person whose image is so pervasive, for an artist it is really difficult to go beyond that and find something which is original. You have to rely on your technique and your artistic instincts to do that and I hope I’ve succeeded.

In the end, Emsley efforts paid off as he managed to impress his most important admirers, Kate and her husband, Prince William, who was present at the opening. Kate called her portrait just amazing, while Prince William said it was absolutely beautiful.

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