Kate Middleton’s New Due Date Revealed By Her Mother, Says Report

kate middletonApparently, Kate Middleton’s due date July 13, has passed, and yet, the Duchess is still pregnant. The whole world is waiting patiently for the arrival of the royal baby, but now we know that the previous July 13 due date hasn’t been Kate’s due date all along.

According to NBC, Kate’s mother Carole Middleton has reportedly told her friends that Prince William and Kate’s first child will be a Leo, which means that the royal baby’s arrival is still a few more days away. This means that Kate won’t give birth to not until July 23.

This would actually make sense, as the Palace never officially declared Kate’s due date, only the month. Its Prince William’s friends would allegedly revealed that Kate is due on July 13. So, we can safely say that Kate and Prince William has been keeping the exact due date a secret all this time.

The July 23 due date also explains why Prince William was playing a charity polo match 100 miles away from his wife on July 13, that same day Kate is said to be due! That would be extremely risky to attend an event that far from the hospital while she may be going into labor on the same day.

Besides, it was also revealed that Kate has fled to her parents’ home in Bucklebury to escape the high temperatures at her Nottingham Cottage home, which is an hour away from the London hospital where she’s expected to give birth. This concerned the public that Kate won’t be able to make it to the hospital in time for the birth.

Kate will give birth in the same room at St. Mary Hospital in London, where Prince William was born in 1982.

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