Kate Middleton’s Favorite Label Now For Everyone

kate middleton prince williamIn 2010, Kate Middleton, 31, wore a simple jersey outfit by not-so-famous Brazilian designer Daniella Issa Helayel to announce her engagement with Prince William. Today, after three years, the Issa label is now one of the world’s most sought after fashion brands that is worn by everyone from Katy Perry to Madonna.

Kate’s famous sapphire blue wrap-dress, which retailed for around $NZ775 (£425) was sold out in mere hours after the wedding announcements and was on back-orders for almost a year because of high demand. Supply shortages spawned innumerable counterfeits and has been redesigned with a maternity cut for pregnant women.

Kate, who is expecting her first child due in July with husband Prince William, has continued to wear the Issa label both on and off the red carpet giving the label a green light to be worn on every occasion. Cashing on this Kate Effect is the online fashion retailer, The OUTNET, who announced on Wednesday (Mar. 27) of collaborating with Issa to make the archived designs, including Kate’s favorites, for an exclusively limited period.

Prices will start from £203 and can be bought exclusively from www.theoutnet.com from next Tuesday.

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