Kate Middleton’s favorite color is royal blue

Kate Middleton Blue Engagement DressAccording to a survey, Kate Middleton’s favorite hues for her wardrobe, blue, red and shunning too much pink, are also the choice of the nation’s women.

Fashion site Dressipi surveyed 175,000 women about their most and least favorite colors and blue, which is also the Duchess favorite, came on top.

38 percent of the women surveyed said they like blue, which is in line with a Vogue study last that found the 31-year-old soon-mom-to-be wore blue the most, 24 percent of the time to be precise. Kate chose to wear a blue Issa outfit to announce her engagement with Prince William at the St. James Palace and also gave her first speech at Suffolk’s EACH hospice.

Red is Kate’s second color of choice, which she wears 13 percent of the time. The color is also a top choice for British women too with 24 percent of them saying it’s their favorite.

But pink, though to be women’s color is off the table. With Kate wearing it a mere 7 percent of the time, it’s also been voted as the nation’s least favorite shade among women.

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