Kate Middleton’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Name Was Harry?

Don’t get so excited.

It’s not Prince Harry. It’s some other Harry.

Before Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge fell in love with Prince William and got married in 2011, Kate used to date a guy named Harry, according to a college friend of hers, who told OK! magazine.

The magazine reported that the duchess attended a history and Italian language course in Florence, Italy for twelve weeks before going to study at St. Andrews where she met Prince William.

But due to pressure from her mom, Kate never actually pursued the Prince. Instead, she was hell bent in enjoying her time with friends in Italy and set her eyes on somebody else.

Her friend said, the only time they talked about William was when they came to know that he will be attending St. Andrews. But Kate never felt serious about it. Certainly she didn’t sign up to go to St. Andrews for that. Kate instead went after a guy named Harry but eventually things didn’t go as expected.

However, for those people who want to know about this Harry mystery, Kate is expected to host a private tea party in Malaysia for her upcoming tour with Prince William. Only selected fan are invited.

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