Kate Middleton’s Doppelganger fools visitors in NYC

Kate Middleton‘s body double hit the ever busy New York City streets and did create a lot of ruckus on Friday morning. Heidi Agan, who is a Kate Middleton impersonator by profession from Britain, also appeared to dazzle American on the show, Good Morning America.

If the Duchess had a twin sister, she would more likely to be looking like Heidi, especially while looking at her from certain angles. For her visit to the Big Apple, Heidi wore an exact copy of Kate’s well known blue dress, when she came out to the media to announce her engagement to Prince William. Heidi even wore the copy of Kate’s famous engagement ring, which once the late Princess Diana adored on her finger.

Heidi Agan fooled a lot of folks in New York as they wiggled their way to get a closer glimpse at her, with most of the crowd thinking it was the real Kate Middleton.

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