Kate Middletons Cousin Wants to be Her Hair Stylist

Now that Kate Middleton is part of Royalty, one of her family members is trying to reach out and help her keep her royal style in order. We heard that one of Kate’s cousin who is a hairdresser is vying for the position to get to be able to style her cousin’s famous dresses. Kate’s cousin, whose name is Anna Partington is actually her third cousin and it is reported that Anna chose hairdressing over continuing high school or being admitted to college. Anna, who is 21 years old was quoted as saying that the reason why she wants to be Kate’s hairdresser is because although she has nice hair “she needs to do something with it. It looks a bit dull”.

Ask about what she thinks about Prince William, Anna was quoted as saying that she was thrilled over her cousin’s union and “it’s fantastic that Kate’s got roots around here and that she has made her way to the Palace,” adding that it is like a fairytale.

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