Kate Middleton’s Bottomless, Nude Photos: Danish Magazine, Se og Hør, Denies Publishing Fully Nude Photos of the Duchess

The Danish Gossip Magazine, Se og Hør has denied that it publish new revealing naked photos of Kate Middleton, which showed the Duchess without her bikini bottoms while changing her bathing suit.

Kate Middleton’s nude pictures scandal flared up when the Closer, a French Magazine first published the photos of Kate topless while she and Prince William were vacationing in privately owned chateau in Southern France on September 14. The Royals sued the magazine for publishing the photos and a French court ruled that the magazine must stop further distribution and publishing of the photos.

However, on Friday, Se og Hør, the Denmark based gossip magazine planned to publish not only topless but also bottomless and nude pictures of Kate Middleton. The photos were taking using a long lens, which showed Prince William rubbing lotion on Kate’s back and bottom, while she pulling down her bikini.

According to CNN, Se og Hør’s editor, Kim Henningsen brushed aside claims that the magazine will publish full naked and bottomless pictures of the Duchess. Se og Hør, however, did publish a 16 pages of topless Kate photographs in its September 20 issue, similar to the ones publish in Closer.

Meanwhile, Henningsen defended his stance on publish the naked photos of Kate. He told The Belfast Telegraph that these photos are from a top A-Class celebrity. Being Denmark’s leading celebrity gossip magazine, it’s our job to publish them for the readers. If the Royal family wants to prosecute us, let them come and we will deal with it, Henningsen added.

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