Kate Middleton’s Awkward Mistake at 2012 Olympics

Kate Middleton done her first wrong step on Sunday of the 2012 Olympic Games. The Princess, who is appearing at events everywhere of London, was snapped sitting before an upside down British flag – extensively counted an embarrassing and objectionable mistake, remarkably for Royalty. A wrongly flown Union Jack is generally used as a sign of peril by British forces or to designate insult.

The Daily Mail clarified how to detect a wrongly hung Union Jack that the thick white portion of the oblique should be visible above the red stripe on the edge neared the flagpole.

Kate Middleton unwittingly sat in front of the flag at the time of looking at the gymnastics competition. It is the same occasion where Kate took out of her way to congratulate the gold medal achieving USA Gymnastics Team of Women. The Golden Girls later on rushed about their confluence with beautiful Duchess.

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