Kate Middleton worked with the Queen’s seamstress to design her own dress

Kate Middleton took help of the Queen’s personal seamstress to design and commission one of the dresses she wore during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee tour, it’s been unveiled. The yellow colored eyelet sundress the Duchess wore when she arrived in Tuvalu was personally designed by her.

Grazia Magazine quoting a source said the yellow dress she wore in Tuvalu was actually commissioned by Kate. She prefers to have a few one-offs pieces and have some ideas in, so she asked the Queen’s tailors to help her.

According to sources, Kate directly worked with the Queen’s personal tailor to turn the designs into a perfect dress. Both worked together on it after she went through with her ideas of fabric, color and style.

Joline Simister and her team have been working with the England’s Queen for four years in creating and designing dresses for her. Simister has made many gowns, dresses and coats for Queen Elizabeth which also includes the double crepe yellow wool coat and matching dress the Queen wore to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding last year.

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