Kate Middleton Will Stay At Her Parents’ Home After Baby’s Birth

Kate MiddletonFollowing reports that Kate Middleton will stay with her parents after the birth of her first child in July, in a recent interview her uncle Gary Goldsmith revealed that Kate will be living with her parents’ Michael and Carole Middleton for the first few weeks after the royal baby’s birth.

This means that Kate and her husband Prince William are yet again breaking the royal traditions by not raising the future monarch at a royal residence after the baby’s birth. Not only the newborn baby will be at Duchess be at her parents’ home, Gary thinks that it’s a great idea, according to The Telegraph.

Gary also gushed that Carole is a fantastic mom and being 10 years older than him, she took care of him. The fact that the baby will be staying with Kate’s mother for the first 6 weeks is genius and it will take the pressure of her. Besides, Carole will be great a mentor for Kate while she’s raising the baby.

Earlier, The Daily Mail reported that Kate has been telling her friends that she’ll be staying with her mother after giving birth. Main reasons include extensive renovation of their 1A apartment at Kensington Palace which won’t ready for Kate and Prince William when their child is born.

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