Kate Middleton welcomed at Newcastle, Gives boy a hug

Apparently, Kate Middleton went solo when she paid an official visit to Newcastle, North East of England on Wednesday.

The Duchess of Cambridge arrived at Newcastle to visit the Olympic volunteers, without Prince William, who can’t visit as he is attending the funeral of his childhood nanny. Kate was greeted by hundreds including school children; among them a kid was lucky enough to get a hug from her.

Terry Campbell, 10, was one of the biggest supporters of Kate and he made his mission to get a hug from the future Queen of England as she passed through. When Kate leaned towards him, he yelled whether he can have a cuddle from her. Kate obliged, leaned over the barricades and hugged him, rendering him speechless.

The Mirror quoted Campbell, “I never actually thought it would happen. I can’t believe she hugged me back. “She was everything I thought she would be. She was really nice.”

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