Kate Middleton Wants Prince Harry To Move On From Chelsy Davy

Apparently, Kate Middleton is on a mission of helping Prince Harry to get over his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

Besides, the Duchess of Cambridge is also very keen to fetch him the perfect girl to replace Chelsy Davy at once.
It seems that Kate is effortlessly playing the role of an older sister and finally help her brother-in-law is sorting out his love life.

Rumors also has that instead of Harry being the “third person” in their group tours Kate wanted to find someone for the 27-year-old Prince so they can have double dates.

According to a royal insider, Now magazine said that, behind the cameras, Kate and Harry are very close to each other and have a meaningful and long hearts-to-hearts relationship.

During their private chats, Kate found about Harry’s desperation about not meeting the right girl. Realizing the seriousness of the matter, Kate intervened to help.

Since Kate got married to Prince William last year she became notably close to Harry. During the London Olympics the trio attended the games feeling at ease.

At the games closing ceremony, Kate and Harry attended without Prince William as he was busy with his RAF piloting duties.

But the royal duo didn’t seem to mind as they laughed and gossiped throughout the event.

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