Kate Middleton voted for best celebrity hair, a new poll reports

Kate Middleton has been voted o have the best hair among celebrities, according to a new poll.

The poll conducted by Fabriah.com, a salon products retailer, reported that the Duchess topped the survey of 500 women, who has the best celebrity hair, according to FemaleFirst.co.uk. Fabriah.com has shortlisted 10 top celebrities and opened them for the public to vote.

The Duchess of Cambridge, well known for her luscious locks, scored more than 25% of all the votes.

A spokesperson for Fabriah.com said, “Kate Duchess of Cambridge has become somewhat of a fashion goddess. Anything she wears seems to fly immediately off the shelves; likewise hairdressers across the country are seeing an increasing demand for the Middleton-style locks.”

Holly Willoughby came in second spot, securing 19% of the total votes, while singer Lana Del Ray secured third place.

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