Kate Middleton On Vanity Fair With Prince William & Prince George

kate middleton vanity fair coverKate Middleton has appeared on Vanity Fair cover again, but this time she isn’t alone.

The 32-year-old Duchess of Cambridge is joined by her husband Prince William and their son, Prince George for the publication’s August 2014 issue. The picture has been collected from the family tour in Australia, when they visited the Taronga Zoo there. Kate is shown wearing a lemon yellow eyelet frock, which she designed with the help of the Queen’s tailors. She previously wore the outfit when they visited the Solomon Islands back in 2012.

Kate is seen holding her son George, who’s wearing a cure navy outfit, while William, 31, is cooing at his firstborn son, who will become the future King of England. The issue honors George’s first birthday, which is on July 22.

This isn’t the first time Kate appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, though she never officially sat down for a cover. The magazine has; at least, use her photos for two occasions, including a photo from Kate and William’s engagement, and a snap of Kate’s trip to Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, friends of Kate and William have confirmed that the couple is planning to have another baby pretty soon! In an in-depth article published in the magazine, royal sources and family friends revealed that they have plans for baby number 2, and they will try much sooner than most of us will probably think.

Katie Nicholl, a reporter for the publication, after speaking with multiple insiders close to the royal family, including few of Kate and William’s closest friends, revealed that the Duke and Duchess will try for another baby as soon as summer 2014.

The royal pair desperately want little George, who is now 11-month-old, to experience a “normal” life, which William and his brother Prince Harry had. So they wanted the same for George too.

William and Kate want George to have normal upbringing. They take George to play dates at their friends’ homes; among them is Kate’s old friend from Marlborough, Alice St. John Webster, who happens to have a baby several months older than George.

This isn’t very surprising, given the fact the both Kate and William are extremely fond of their son, as we saw while on their family tours of Australia and New Zealand.

Again, exactly like William’s late mother, Princess Diana, as she was always with her boys.

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