Kate Middleton undergoing hypnotherapy in an attempt to end her acute morning sickness

Apparently, Kate Middleton turned to hypnotherapy in an attempt that it will cure her hyperemesis gravidarum or acute morning sickness related to her pregnancy.

Jessica Hay, a friend of the royal, reportedly said to New Idea magazine, that the treatment is helping Kate overcome the negative thoughts of food she now has since been hospitalized.

Hay told the Evening Standard that Kate still stares at food and feels nauseous. She feels like she’s had food poisoning and her stomach’s been shrunk. Hay added that Kate finds it hard to have a full meal and get full quickly. The hypnotherapy treatment is helping her get over the negative thoughts she had about food and craving her to have nutritious and healthy food.

Kate Middleton, who is married to Prince William, announced her pregnancy on Dec. 3. Three days later she was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital and stayed there for three days, before being discharged.

Earlier this month, Kate Middleton attended the official opening of her portrait, done by Paul Emsley.

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