Is Kate Middleton “Tormented” By The Queen?

kate middletonA tabloid recently reported that Kate Middleton is in a feud with, the Queen.

The Life & Style magazine on its 14 July issue ran a story on its cover, which claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge is “being tormented by the Queen” and “leaves the palace for good”. The magazine further claimed that Kate, 32, has been enduring months of bullying about her parenting, wardrobe malfunctions and overspending.

A source allegedly told the publication the ever since her marriage with Prince William in 2011, Kate and the Queen have been engaged in a private feud. The insider said the Queen feels embarrassed by Kate, as she still acts like a commoner.

The source also claimed that 88-year-old monarch has criticized Kate when she renovated the 10-bedroom Anmer Hall house located in Norfolk. The renovation was estimated at £1.5 million which includes £500,000 to landscape the front lawn and another £500,000 to replace roof tiles. It’s also reported that Kate wants to replace all the fireplaces of the mansion and the Queen isn’t happy about this.

A source told the magazine that the Queen, who is very careful about not being flashy, is shocked by Kate’s spending spree. She thinks this makes Kate and the royals look bad by splashing out millions on redecorations.

Kate and Prince William currently live in a 20-room apartment in Kensington Palace, which took an estimated £2.6 million to renovate. Kate is reportedly thinking to relocate her family to the countryside estate from their official residence, away from the royal family and the Buckingham Palace. But the Queen feels that it’s important for Prince William, Kate and their son Prince George to stay in London, but Kate is totally going against her wishes.

However, the Palace has told that there’s “no truth” about these rumors.

Meanwhile, there have been rumors that Kate and Prince William are thinking to expand their family.

The In Touch Weekly magazine in its July 7 issue reported about Kate being “trilled” to get pregnant for the second time.

The speculation could be confirmed at their first son Prince George’s first birthday on July with a big announcement. Prince William would love his son to have a baby brother, given the fact that he wanted his son to have a sibling close to his age, similar to the one he shares with his brother Prince Harry. This bond is important to the 32-year-old Duke of Cambridge and this is why he and Kate decided to have a second child is such a short time frame.

However, there isn’t any hard evidence about the latest pregnancy rumors about Kate. So we have to be patient to hear the official news from the royals themselves.

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