Kate Middleton To Use Family Photos For Official Royal Baby Portrait

royal babyApparently, Kate Middleton and Prince William have decided of using their own personal pictures and their newborn son Prince George Alexander Louis pictures for the royal baby’s official portrait.

Throughout history, royals have commissioned and preserved their official portraits in bust sculptures, lofty oil paintings, and professional photographs, but for Prince William and Kate’s case, that royal portrait would be sent on social media site, Twitter.

According to the Daily Mirror, a royal aide confirmed that one of the options Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are both 31, are thinking is to release a couple of their family pictures they have taken together.

There are plenty of reasons why Kate and William are would prefer their own snapped photos over a formal photo shoot, and personality and convenience are among them.

To begin, an official family portrait was purportedly delayed because of Prince Philip’s ailing health soon after the birth of Prince George birth in July 22, and Prince Philip was very ill to make time for an official photo session. So, instead of getting the whole royal family in one place, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can release of their intimate moments with their baby son from home. Besides, Kate has a thing for photography, and she may favor her own candid shots to a more official portrait.

A royal source told Mirror that Kate has a great eye when it come to pictures and she wants the first official pictures of George to be natural and in a relaxed environment. The royal also added that these home pictures would be “fine” for a private album, but isn’t good enough for the future King of England as a first historic photo.

The royal baby’s official portrait is due to be released on the Kensington Palace’s Twitter feed, just like the baby’s birth announcement and birth certificate.

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